Tea Party Sweet Fifteen Theme

Tea with the Queen! Yes, if by queen you mean the Quinceanera girl because she is the queen for a day. This is a classy affair, pinkies up. For decorations use teacups, tea pots, lots of flowers, lace and pearls. I forgot to mention it in a picture but it be cute to add gloves to your outfit. Food for this occasion can be quite simple. Think finger foods, petite sandwiches, biscuits, crumpets even and plenty of desserts.

For this theme I chose a Champagne/Blush very pastel colored dress and paired it with brighter bolder colors like yellow and wine red. You can do the same. You don't have to be so matchy-matchy. Don't limit yourself to just literal flowers either, try to use floral prints too, whether in dresses or in like tablecloths for example.

For favors give out something like stainless-steel Tea Infusers. If you want to get more specific with your tea party theme you can go the Alice in Wonderland route or easily do vintage.

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The Queen Bee | Yellow and Black Sweet Fifteen Theme

This bee-autiful quinceanera is buzzing with bold yellow and black. Bees love flowers so that'll be easy for you to incorporate in centerpieces and other decorations. Honey pots as favors are a popular choice for bumble bee theme parties but if not that then you're sure to find other bee-inspired products.

You don't necessarily have to use only bright yellow but pale yellow works nicely too. If you can't find or don't want a dress that's both black and yellow, buy a yellow dress that you can wear with a pretty black belt or sash. Find ways to use black in your accessories. Look online and you'll find plenty of bumblebee jewelry too.

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Under the Sea Sweet Fifteen Theme

Under the sea, Darling it's better! This is probably one of the oldest typical Quinceanera themes besides the princess/fairy-tale theme. You can say it's a bit over-done but it's cute nonetheless. Decorate with sea shells, sea coral, sea stars and all else of the sea.

Luckily because "under the sea" is such a popular theme there's tons of party supplies already made but there's also plenty of DIY crafts. Like this DIY Jellyfish Lantern. You should wear a seashell tiara or a regular tiara but use seashells in a tocado (hairpiece) and your bouquet too.

For the theme's colors blue is an obvious choice and maybe green is too but combine them with purples and pinks even. Don't forget about mermaids. Actually, think of yourself as a mermaid for a day, least with this theme going on, you should!

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The Great Gatsby / Roaring 20s Sweet Fifteen Theme

Do you want to party like Jay Gatsby? With theme you sure do. It's a ritzy affair, what you'll be having. There will be feathers and sparkle and fringe, everywhere. Use metallics and reds and make it fancy and modern with Art Deco elements. Tell your guests to dress up 20s. Think flapper dresses and striped suits.

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10 Sites to get Custom Photo Quinceanera Invitations done

1. Shutterfly.com offers a good selection of modern and trendy pre-made designs for Quinceanera invitations.


2. Snapfish.com also offers pre-made designs that are very to the point like they're simple and not that out-dated looking. The sample photos (I know they are just samples and they're for you to replace with own photo but still..)are a little weird considering the girls don't look 15 at all. You get the idea though.

3. Vistaprint.com offers a few pre-made Quinceanera designs with and without photo (limited color choices though, most common problem with pre-made designs) but you can get your own designs printed for complete customization.

4. Zazzle.com probably has the biggest selection of pre-made designs for Quinceanera invitations with or without photos. I think that's mostly because their designs are available in multiple different color options.

5. Inviteshop.com also has modern, trendy and cute pre-made designs but with limited custom photo designs.

6. Purpletrail.com offers a bigger selection of cute pre-made designs for custom photos. They also offer different color options.

7. Etsy.com has many talented graphic designers offering different styles, a personal touch. Most designers can customize a design exactly to how you want it, all you have to do is ask.
Example by AKissOfThis:
Example by SayItLoudDesigns
Example by JinkysCraft

8. Walgreens.com has photo card designs that can have completely customized text. So even though the sample might show for a different occasion you can re-write the text to say whatever you want.

9. Eventphotocards.com has custom photo designs as well as pre-made ones without photos. They have these cool photo designs that are meant to look like tickets. You can also get VIP cards done too.

10. Quinceanerainvites.com probably has the most unique selection of Quinceanera invitations I've seen online. They also offer custom photo tickets and something I hadn't seen before, credit "party cards"!

Disco Fever Sweet Fifteen Quinceanera Theme

Disco is not dead! It's staying Alive with this theme. Dance the night away in sparkly sequins and a total 70s vibe. If you can't find disco balls you can make them yourself with broken CDs or silver cupcake liners and paper lanterns.

There's even a tutorial for how to make a light up dance floor, wouldn't that be neat? Of course that would probably be more of an at home project but I thought I'd include it anyway. Dance lights should be provided by the DJ but it case they are not you can find a lot of different colored flashing light apparatuses online.

If you really want to go all out with the 70s theme ask your guests to dress up accordingly. Don't forget about yourself. When pictures and/or mass is done and it's time to really party then change into a 70s inspired party dress or even a sequined jumpsuit.

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