Apricot & Grey / Silver Sweet Fifteen Theme

Apricot is a light orange, not quite coral or peach but I'm sure some people to refer to them all the same...but they're not. Anyway for this theme Apricot is paired with Grey and Silver. It's a more modern pairing of colors. Use more silver and grey when you can't find things in apricot or trying searching for 'light orange' or even throw some regular orange into the mix. The outcome should be an elegant and trendy party.

Sources from Left or Right: Silver Quinceanera Invitations | Apricot and Silver Tocado Floral Hair Piece | Grey Quinceanera Bouquet | Tulle and sparkly hair barrettes - DIY chair backs tie | Apricot and Grey/Silver Cakes | Glitter Vases for Flower Decorations | Apricot and Grey Bracelet | Assorted Apricot Tissue Pom Poms and Lanterns | Silver Digit Cake Topper

Hola & Welcome!

Quince Candles is a blog (obvio, lol) dedicated to inspiring Quinceañeras or Sweet 15/16's.

My name is Nalin (I run this here blog) and while I may not be looking for my own Quinceañera details anymore, I remember thinking it would've been nice had there been more ideas to choose from, aside from the typical. I've never quite liked typical. Mind you this was years ago...I'm pretty sure I had dial-up internet (eek!) and even if you searched for Quinceañera ideas on the interwebs, not a lot would show up. My mom and I, we sew. We are asked to make Quinceañera dresses and damas dresses and for the moms and the little girls, for basically everyone, on a constant basis. Quinceañeras aren't like prom, there is no season, they are year round because they are birthdays. Special birthdays! Anyway what I'm saying is even though I am not currently turning 15, I'm still very much surrounded or involved with Quinceañeras (I have a big family and they have big families...not to mention friends). Also I very much enjoy the creativity behind party planning so this is where I'll share my Quinceañera ideas with you and I hope you feel inspired.

P.S. I try my best to source all images when they are not my own. If you spot something that is incorrect please feel free to let me know.

Watermelon Red Sweet Fifteen Theme

So watermelons, seriously? Yes. Watermelon red to be exact or watermelon pink if you'd like. Whatever the case think reds or pinks with greens and black. You can add polka dots or go for a very casual approach and use the red and white picnic table checks pattern. In my head though I can see this done fancy-like just by toning down the watermelon motif. Whatever you do a watermelon theme is fresh and sweet. Perfect for summer time quinces!

Sources from left to right: Watermelon Red Cake and Cupcakes | Watermelon as a vase Centerpieces | Watermelon Mini Top Hat Headband instead of typical floral Tocado | Draw black seeds on red balloons for Watermelons | Watermelon Paper Fans | Watermelon Cake Pops | Watermelon Cookie Favors | Watermelon Red Table Setting | Watermelon Red Floral centerpiecces

Fiesta Sweet Fifteen Theme

Fiesta time! That means bright colors, flowers and spirit. Hang up papel picado bunting and make tissue poms, both of which are a very popular traditional Mexican celebration crafts. You can use sombreros as decor too. Ladies can wear rebozos and flowers in their hair. Hire a mariachi and folk dancers. Re-use Mexican food tins as vases.

Food, I think is obvious...serve typical platillos Mexicanos. For party favors you can give out colorful Mexican candies and pan dulce or even little Mexican pottery jugs or candle holders like in Talavera style. You could have a taquiza or birria. This theme can be a very frugal one because with a lot of these things you get more for your buck.

Sources from Left to Right: Papel Picado Quinceanera Invitation | Fiesta Bunting (replace fiesta sign with 'Mis Quince" | Mariachi and Folkdancers | Jarritos! in matching colors/flavors | Mexican Candies laid out for guests | Colorful Mexican Floral Cake | 'Papel Picado' DIY Table Overlays | Turquoise Quinceanera Bouquet | Fiesta Paper Fans | Mexican Food Tins used as Flower Vases | Mexican Loteria Favor Boxes with Candy

Hot Pink / Fuchsia and Black Masquerade Ball Sweet Fifteen Theme

Have yourself a decadent costume party with this theme. Inspired by this black and fuchsia ball gown that just seemed perfect for a masquerade. This theme is also one of those popular Quinceanera themes so it's up to you to make it unique and your own. For this particular one I've paired the black and hot pink or fuchsia to match the dress.

I've even picked a little zebra print since I found those invitations...you could chose any other animal print or damask print would also work adding an elegance. Find a matching beautiful mask to really bring some drama and include a message in your invites to all guests asking them to wear masks too.

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