Watermelon Red Sweet Fifteen Theme

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Watermelon Red Sweet Fifteen Theme

So watermelons, seriously? Yes. Watermelon red to be exact or watermelon pink if you'd like. Whatever the case think reds or pinks with greens and black. You can add polka dots or go for a very casual approach and use the red and white picnic table checks pattern. In my head though I can see this done fancy-like just by toning down the watermelon motif. Whatever you do a watermelon theme is fresh and sweet. Perfect for summer time quinces!

Sources from left to right: Watermelon Red Cake and Cupcakes | Watermelon as a vase Centerpieces | Watermelon Mini Top Hat Headband instead of typical floral Tocado | Draw black seeds on red balloons for Watermelons | Watermelon Paper Fans | Watermelon Cake Pops | Watermelon Cookie Favors | Watermelon Red Table Setting | Watermelon Red Floral centerpiecces

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