Aqua Blue Country Western Sweet Fifteen Quinceanera Theme

Howdy partner! This quinceanera theme is all about getting country and adding a little fanciness to it. In Mexican culture there is a heavy western influence and some people are really into the rodeo and the vaquero/charro lifestyle. If this is you, there is most certainly a way to use that in your quinceanera.

My idea for this theme is aqua blue with browns, silver and gold. Cowboy/girl boots are sometimes adorned with floral embroidery and that's something can be incorporated in dresses and such. Paisley print is another design used for country western so that's good to use too.

Get everyone to wear their boots and hats and definitely don't exclude yourself. Also for decor use straw and burlap mixed with the usual satins and other party materials. Try to find a barn that's available for events and use it, it's the perfect place for this.

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Aqua Blue Country Western Quinceanera Theme Outfit Ideas

Lavender Fairy Quinceanera Sweet Fifteen Theme

Fairy themes aren't just for little girls! It can be easily be turned into a theme that is elegant and ever so feminine. When I saw this quinceanera dress I immediately thought it would be perfect for a fairy theme and here it is.

Use lavender and magenta accompanied by silver. Actually you can pretty much use any pastel purpley color in between. Play with glitter, tulle, chiffon, sparkly details with flowers/butterflies and if you want to lean into a more woodsy feel that works too.

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Lavender Fairy Quinceanera Theme Outfit Ideas

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P.S. If you don't want to sport some fairy wings, go for an awesome butterfly rhinestone scepter and be the queen fairy! It's your day after all.