Apricot & Grey / Silver Sweet Fifteen Theme

Apricot & Grey Sweet Fifteen Theme

Apricot is a light orange, not quite coral or peach but I'm sure some people to refer to them all the same...but they're not. Anyway for this theme Apricot is paired with Grey and Silver. It's a more modern pairing of colors. Use more silver and grey when you can't find things in apricot or trying searching for 'light orange' or even throw some regular orange into the mix. The outcome should be an elegant and trendy party.

Sources from Left or Right: Silver Quinceanera Invitations | Apricot and Silver Tocado Floral Hair Piece | Grey Quinceanera Bouquet | Tulle and sparkly hair barrettes - DIY chair backs tie | Apricot and Grey/Silver Cakes | Glitter Vases for Flower Decorations | Apricot and Grey Bracelet | Assorted Apricot Tissue Pom Poms and Lanterns | Silver Digit Cake Topper

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