Disco Fever Sweet Fifteen Quinceanera Theme

Disco Fever Sweet Fifteen Theme

Disco is not dead! It's staying Alive with this theme. Dance the night away is sparkley sequins and an underlying 70s vibe. If you can't find disco balls you can make them yourself with broken CDs or silver cupcake liners and paper lanterns.

There's even a tutorial for how to make a light up dance floor, wouldn't that be neat? Of course that would probably be more of an at home project but I thought I'd include it anyway. Dance lights should be provided by the DJ but it case they are not you can find a lot of different colored flashing light apparatuses online.

If you really want to go all out with the 70s vibe ask your guests to dress up 70s. Don't forget about yourself. When pictures and/or mass is done and it's time to really party then change into a 70s inspired party dress or even a sequined jumpsuit.

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