DIY Fabric Flower Topiary Centerpiece Idea / Inspiration

I want to share these centerpieces I made recently for my parents 25th wedding anniversary or silver anniversary. I know that's not quinceanera but these ideas can easily be applied to a quinceanera with an elegant / floral theme. We were on a tight budget for this celebration. So real flowers were something I did not want to incorporate. Another reason I didn't care much to use real flowers is because we had made these chiffon and rosette fabric table cloths for a friends wedding and she let us borrow them for our event. I thought the fabric flowers would tie in those table cloths nicely.

I also thought I would make fabric flowers since my mom and I are seamstresses, we have a lot of scrap fabric. I didn't end up making them all though. I bought yards of fabric flower trim (1.5" and 2.5" big) then separated them, cutting off any mesh they're attached to. I did this for every colors besides the nude / taupe color. For those I bought yardage of mesh fabric with the flowers throughout it and separated them as well. Once they were all cut out, I laid them out together in bunches. I wanted to make sure I was evenly distributing the colors.

It turns out Styrofoam is kind of expensive (at least when you need large diameter spheres and a large quantity if them) so as a cheaper alternative I used a pack of 10, 6" paper lanterns I bought on Ebay. I used a hot glue gun to stick the flowers and pearls on to the paper lanterns.

For the topiary stand I used 4" Glass Taper Candleholders from the dollar store. By stacking one atop another you can make the stand taller. To keep them in place I used E6000® Craft Adhesive. Once the flower pom and the stand were done, they can be put together. Place the pom on top of the stand and keep it in place with hot glue or the E6000®.

I liked using the turned over candlestick holders because they have a wide bottom (as you can see in the picture below) to help the poms balance better. I also used two slightly taller crystal candle holders I found at a thrift store. They worked okay but like I said I preferred the dollar store ones.

In the end, the result is really pretty and can totally be customized to match your events color scheme.

For my parents reception, there was 25+ tables and each tables centerpiece was set up differently. I bought a lot of different candlestick holders in both crystal and others I spray painted silver. I also bought crystal clear vases from the dollar store and thrift store and painted them inside with Krylon Looking Glass Silver-Like Aerosol Spray Paint and adorned those with shorter mauve colored and bleached peacock feathers.

To keep the paint on the inside of the vases, I taped plastic bags around the outside. Since it was a silver wedding, we had to use silver / gray but we paired that with dusty rose / mauve pink and ivory with pearls to create an overall theme. To keep all the pieces together I put them on top of silver platters with strings of pearls.

These candles stick holder / candelabras in particular, I actually found at two different flea markets. The pairs were black but of course I spray painted them silver to match and switched out the black crystals that hung on one pair for clear crystals.

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